“I can’t really say I loved the colonoscopy, but compared with the previous 5 it was the best.  The facilities were spotless and neat, and everyone was friendly, helpful, and competent.  Everything was personal while very professional and smooth.  I did it without anesthesia, and the physician did a great job of describing what I was seeing and what he was doing.  It was the first time I had a polyp; I got to see it, I got to watch him remove it and see the scar that was left. I wouldn’t recommend doing it every day, but every few years it needs to be done, and if it has to be done, it’s best to do it well.”


“I hate needles- I’ve had nothing by terrible experiences with hospitals.  I LOVED this place.  If I could deliver my babies here I would.  Their staff is exceptional- from beginning to end. Seriously, a very surprising pleasant experience given the procedure I was having.”


“This facility is very well organized, the staff kept me informed from the minute I made the appointment up to the end of my procedure and after, to find out how I was doing.


I  had a very pleasant colonoscopy experience. I’ve never had one before and knew I had to have one as my Mom had Colon and rectum cancer, but just kept putting it off. All the  staff was so  exceptional friendly from the reception to the medical staff. Made me feel so comfortable, and at ease. They explained everything as we went along made sure I was comfortable. Absolutely exceptional treatment from


To say that Dr Karen Steffer and her staff was amazing is an understatement. The suprep and I did not go together so well. I had called the office about 4 times on Sunday up until 10:30 PM trying to get ready for the next day. The nurse was phenomenal, so friendly and helpful each and every time. Thank you.”


“I’ll spare you the intimate details. Suffice it to say that I was nervous about the procedure I was about to have. Each member of the staff was patient, understanding, and very confident in their abilities. Each of those traits were comforting. I offer my highest recommendation.”


“I had the most amazing colonoscopy/endoscopy experience at Lonestar. I’ve never had one before and the whole experience was very emotional for me since I lost my Dad to colon cancer a few years ago. The nursing staff was so sweet to me and I felt cared for, comfortable, and at ease, which is not what you would expect to feel before being put under!


Dr. Stephen Lacey is my gastroenterologist, who I will recommend to everyone I know! He is an amazing doctor and his nursing staff is top-notch! This facility is very organized. I received numerous phone calls starting 2 weeks before the procedure, asking me if I had any questions about the procedure, as well as several follow up phone calls after. Everyone here was so nice and I can’t imagine having a better experience.”


“I’ll spare you the details of my colonoscopy, but I will say that it was easy and painless – contrary to what you have heard. The staff and my doctor here were super!  They made the whole process so easy – from scheduling to the paperwork to the procedure itself.  They made sure I was comfortable and they even laughed at my lame jokes.  And whatever drugs they used were fab!  I didn’t feel a thing and don’t remember a thing!  If you live in this area and will be having the procedure, I highly recommend this place.”


“The Lone Star Endoscopy centers, with the TDDC group in DFW has the premier locations for a colonoscopy!  Our absolutely favorite doc in the WORLD is here (Dr. Steve Lacey).  I’ve personally been in his care since I was diagnosed in 1999 with Crohn’s disease. Phenomenal doc, fabulous staff and truly premium care from this location and the Keller Lone Star endoscopy group as well – there is no doc or group we trust and appreciate more.


From the moment we walk in here, with delightful Brandy at the front desk, to the best and most personable nurses, Elizabeth the amazing anesthesiologist and of course our terrific doc Steve, an incredible group of caring and concerned medical professionals – love them and makes our least fav procedure worthwhile every time. I even baked a lovely creme cheese pound cake for them, they ARE that good!”


“Lone Star Endoscopy has obviously committed their entire practice to the safety, comfort, and dignity of their patients. Every employee I encountered, from the receptionist making the appointment, to the nurses, technicians and physicians was genuinely concerned that I was informed and comfortable.


I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. James Cox and his staff for the first time and I admire their attention to detail and positive attitude toward satisfying the customer. I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention the anesthesiologist and the new and improved medication they used – in and out in under 105 minutes with NO adverse effects! Incredible experience. Well done and thank you.”


“I went here for one of my procedures and they are so nice. They also can pick you up and bring you home for a small fee and the driver is a delight and so friendly, top notch facility!”


“Thank you to the entire staff for making my experience as comfortable as possible. Such an efficient and friendly staff. Dr. Spady has a great team working for him; Janine, Jen and Jeanice. Laughter really is the best medicine.”